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Artrue International is a company that supports multi-media and multi-dimensional collaborations  that include all forms of culture and creativity, including but not limited to art, music, film, painting, theatre and dancing. We collaborate with adventurous  artists,  actors, craftsmen, musicians, film-makers, tea masters, art galleries, museums, and collectors, who have a global perspective of humanity and nature, and hope to cultivate   a culture that is sensitive  to the environment, and values  relationships and projects that are generative, generous, and generational. 


Artrue Gallery is located in a single water-cast building next to Daan Forest Park. It is a six-story building with two balconies and concrete walls. It stands as a leisurely and comfortable exhibition space in the center of Taipei. We present high-quality art, exhibitions, lectures, and cultural activities. We showcase the exquisite and rich works by various artists, displaying their wonderful creations of contemporary art and collaborate on various creative projects. Artrue Gallery has an art gallery space in Taipei. It also collaborates with Asir Art Museum on related exhibitions in Tainan and has another office in Shanghai.

Artrue International 正藝國際 成立於2015年,旗下擁有 Artrue Gallery 正藝美學空間,作為一個當代藝術展覽場所。我們致力於支持各種形式的文化和創意合作,不限於藝術、音樂、電影、繪畫、戲劇和舞蹈等領域。我們與全球具有冒險精神,以及有著對人及全球視野眼光的藝術家、演員、工匠、音樂家、電影製片人、茶藝師、藝廊、博物館和收藏家合作。我們希望能夠培養出一種敏銳於環境時事,重視關係且具有生產力、慷慨和世代性的文化。

正藝美學空間位於大安森林公園旁的獨棟清水模建築,是一棟擁有兩個陽台和混凝土牆的六層建築,在台北的精華中心營造一處悠然自在的展演空間,我們呈現高質感的展覽、講座、藝文活動,分享藝術家精湛豐富的作品,展示當代藝術的精彩創作和各式創意合作項目。 Artrue Gallery 正藝美學空間 在台北設有藝廊空間,同時於台南 與 Asir Art Museum 甘樂阿舍美術館 合作相關展覽,以及上海亦另設有辦事處。


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