Art addresses sociological conditions, emotional realities, as well as the struggles of humanity throughout the progression of time and generations. There is, however, a redemptive power of art that is dynamically captured in the art of Philip Mantofa.

The depth, breadth and width of Philip Mantofa's spiritual vision and insight carries a passion for humanity that is forcefully expressed not only in his stadium packed crusades, but also through his art and essays. Philip unflinchingly shares his spiritual revelations ---dreams and visions --- with the purpose of leading and drawing us into the hope and power of redemption. His bold strokes, vibrant colors and richly layered textures create passionate visual expressions that draw us into deeper reflection of what lies ahead for this generation that faces unprecedented levels of horror and brokenness in the world.

Artrue is honored to host Philip's first solo exhibition in the world, which we hope will serve as an evocation of art as a harbinger of peace and hope in a fractured world.