Leland Lee

Leland’s talents began to be noticed and classified as Gifted & Talented in Art by Los Angeles Unified School District Conservatory of Fine Art when he was seven years old.

Leland Lee’s artistic creation is not limited by time and space. The landscape and people he sees are recreated into collage-like, imaginative images of memory. Through using extending, vivid lines and basic units in bold, variegated colors, Lee constructs a fantastic world he envisages, guiding his audience to traverse reality with his unique perspective. The colors in Lee’s works are unfettered and rainbow-like; the unrestrained lines run freely with imagination on the canvas. Works like “Love” and “Anytime” and the symbol of hearts frequently appear in the paintings, which not only become his unique signature but also reflect the abundant love in his heart.

In the featured article “Art is Joy: Leland Lee”, Nanjo Fumio, Director of Mori Art Museum, describes Leland’s artworks this way:

“His artworks are composed of vibrant colors and free liberating lines, depicting common everyday things, sceneries, and different people. The people, things, and events captured in his paintings are often augmented and suspended in mid-air, filling the entire canvas.

The colors used by him seem to come straight out of the tube, ever so vibrant and bright; however, upon closer inspection, it is observed that there are different variations to each hue. The great depth and richness in the way he uses color is rather enjoyable and a delight to see…… Creatively speaking, we can say that Leland is a magician that works with paintings.”

“Nevertheless, I still feel the essence of painting in his other works such as video works or three-dimensional pieces. This originates from the way he illustrates shapes and the colors that he chooses. The way he works is a creative process that can’t be structuralized. Seeing from this perspective, it shows that Leland is a painter at heart.”



1989            Born in Los Angeles, California, USA

1996           Gifted & Talented in the Art, certified by Los Angeles Unified School District Conservatory of Fine Art



2013            Received the Award of 51th Ten Outstanding Young Men in Taiwan.

1999           Awarded for The One Hundred Remarkable kids by Los Angeles Times



‧   Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan

‧   Central House of Artist, Moscow, Russia



2017            Imagine – Leland Lee Solo Exhibition, Artrue Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2017            To Love with Russia, Central House of Artist, Moscow, Russia

2016            I Love You–Solo Exhibition of Leland Lee, Rouen City Hall, Rouen, France

2016            Perseverance – No Limitation: Solo Exhibition of Leland Lee, Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan

2016           Very Fun Park @ NTU 2016, NTU, Taipei, Taiwan

2015            Leland Lee Solo Exhibition, San Francisco Public Library, San Francisco, USA

2014            Animating Hope, New Synod Hall, Vatican City, Vatican

2014           Exhibition of the Art of Leland Lee , Department of Cultural Affair Taoyuan County Government, Taoyuan, Taiwan

2013            Strokes of Genius – 3rd Annual International Savant Artist Exhibition, United Nation Plaza, New York, USA

2013            The Adventure of Moose Art Exhibition, Rouen, France

2012            ART and BEYOND, Shanghai, China

2012            20th World Congress–Brain, Mind and Development International Association for Child and Adolescent, Psychiatry and Allied Professions, Paris, France

2012            Immeasurable Love, CYCU Art Center, Taoyuan, Taiwan

2011            Future Pass-Collateral Event of the 54th Venice Biennial, Fondazione Claudio Buziol, Venice, Italy

2010            Very Fun Park, Taipei 101 Mall, Taipei, Taiwan

2010            Taiwanese American Artists Association Exhibition, Kaohsiung Cultural Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2009            Leland Lee, Autistic Talented Artist, Museum X of Contemporary Art, Pomona, California, USA