Hsu Chu-Yin

As a graduate of the Department of Fine Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts; Hsu Chu-Yin works as an artist and also teaches alongside her professional practice. Rather than focusing on techniques or realistic expression, she emphasizes creative enlightenment, reflecting her own exploration and pursuit of art. She says: “Creativity isn’t simply my own pursuit of beauty, it is also a way to convey the innermost heart of humanity, our thoughts and feelings, gaining insight into the essence of life. To courageously respond to our life experiences with a keen perceptiveness and a sincere heart”.

Though proficient and skilled in her painting techniques as an artist; she chose to put aside her past experiences and techniques to transcend and challenge the lines, colors and methods she had used in the past. Breaking the momentum of her past expressions in art, she has chosen to use colors straight from the tubes because of their simplicity and pureness to her; and through the flow of paint, air, and water to make visible that is unseen to the eyes, but truly exists.

Her solo exhibition is named after her grandfather, deriving it’s theme from the Gospel of John, Chapter 10 Verse 4 – The Lord’s Sheep Know His Voice.

When he has brought out all his own, he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his voice.

John 10:4 New International Version (NIV)

This exhibition is centered around the theme: “Recognizing the Lord’s Voice – Chu-Yin”. Through her faith, she has listened and waited with a pure heart, insisting on the use of solid colors which represents her unwavering pursuit of purity: retaining a childlike innocence in her works.

Hsu Chu-Yin’s works are bright and translucent; lively and vivacious; akin to the rhythm and movement of music. The unconscious color expression comes from Gestural Abstract: the paint flows naturally like air and water, the soft hues moving along musically, accented with small gemlike drops of color and subtle color changes on the canvas; all expressing God-given creativity and life through her unique art.


About Hsu Chu-Yin

Born in 1978 in Taipei, Taiwan; graduated from the Fine Arts Department of the National Taiwan University of Arts, Hsu Chu-Yin was already a participant of the painting course at Fu-Hsin Arts School as a high-school student. At the age of 18, her artistic talent was discovered and she received first place in the 45th Central Taiwan Art Exhibition. Since then, she has devoted herself to the creation of abstract art.

“The ‘abstract’ that is conveyed through the diligent awareness of one’s emotion, and the knowing of one’s heart, is a transcendent kind of truth, a truer form of abstract.” Chu-Yin’s abstract art is not simply an expression of the human emotion but rather is influenced by her faith. For her, the abstract is not just an abstract, but a true expression of faith.

Hsu-Yin lives and works in Taipei with her husband and their three daughters. Her abundant and blissful family life are the source of her artistic inspiration. She is the founder of the Soul Art Gallery in Dazhi, where she paints and teaches painting.



National Taiwan University of Arts,

Department of Fine Arts, Taiwan, Taipei

JinWen University of Science & Technology,

Department of Visual Communication Design, Taiwan, Taipei

Fu-Hsin Trade and Arts School, Painting Department, Taiwan Taipei


Solo Exhibition

2016                Receiving from the Creator – Hsu Chu Yin Modern Painting Solo Exhibition, Howard Salon, Taipei, Taiwan

2015                Glimmer of Hope – Hsu Chu Yin Oil Painting Solo Exhibition, 99dac Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

2014                Boundless Abstract – Hsu Chu Yin Oil Painting Solo Exhibition, King Car Art and Culture Center, Taipei, Taiwan

2013                Dancing Spirits – Hsu Chu Yin Oil Painting Solo Exhibition, Padpanadscha Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

2012                Symphony of Real Abstract – Hsu Chu Yin Oil Painting Solo Exhibition, Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Cui Heng Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2011                Symphony in True Colors – Hsu Chu Yin Oil Painting Solo Exhibition, ‘Ecole Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan

2009                Hsu Chu Yin Oil Painting Solo Exhibition, Simple Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan


Group Exhibition

2016                Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong

2015                Summer Fantasy – Modern Painting Exhibition, King Car Art and Culture Center, Yilan, Taiwan

2015                Taipei Contemporary Hotel Art Fair, Young Art Taipei, 99dac Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

2013                Moon 12 Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan

2013                Taipei Contemporary Hotel Art Fair, Young Art Taipei, Moon 12 Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan

2012                Art Taichung, VG Taipei, Taichung, Taiwan

2012                Taipei Contemporary Hotel Art Fair, Young Art Taipei, VG Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan

2007                National Taiwan University of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

2005                SoHo Children Art Museum Magical Learning Room, Taipei, Taiwan

2000                Taipei Culture Center Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

1999                Xindian New Taipei City Library, New Taipei, Taiwan

1997                National Taiwan University Hospital Culture Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan



2004                Taipei City Government Light and Sea Tunnel Art Works, Merit Award

2003                Taiwan Beer Packaging Creativity Challenge, Silver and Bronze Award

1998                45th Annual Central Art Exhibition, Oil Painting Classification, First Prize

       Japanese International Higher-Level Art Competition Nomination

1997                International Lions Club Group Sketch Nomination


Selected Collection

2004                Taipei City Hall, Taiwan

2003                Taiwan Beer, Taiwan

2001                Mural collaboration with Starbucks Coffee and the “Blue” Artwork,

1998                Central Art Exhibition, Taiwan

       Japanese International Higher-Level Art Competition, Japan

1997                Lions Clubs International, Taiwan