“Every minute, 100 people’s soul will go down to hell in China. Is there something that we can do to help them?” are the words that Francisco Borboa heard from an missionary. The start of a difficult decision between going to medical school and become a doctor or be a missionary to save souls in China.
Born in the year 1923 at California, USA; His father moved the whole family back to Mexico after the death of his mother at the age of 6. Francisco Borboa was an intelligent kid and the choice of being an doctor or missionary was the start of his journey.
Borboa told God his path would be based on whether the girl he had a crush on would reciprocate the same feeling; and though he was rejected, Borboa was at peace knowing his path was the one God set for him to become His worker.

When his father found out that Borboa hid the fact that he actually went to become a novitiate at The Society of Jesus (the Jesuits), he was furious. Borboa’s father gathered some friends and some guns; and headed to the Jesuits to “save” Borboa.
Through the long, exhausted 3 day train ride; Borboa’s father anger lessened. After talking with each other, his father gave his blessing and left the Jesuits at peace.

Francisco Borboa studied Architecture and Civil Engineering as his talent and he never knew how it could change the steps of his path.
In the start of the year 1948; Borboa successfully became a missionary in China and thus begun his journey in Asia.

The Shanghai that he saw wasn’t of a poor situation that the missionary had mentioned to his class. Even so, Borboa knew that he had a greater purpose in China.
At the same time, he quickly adapted to the Eastern culture and beauty and was willing to learn.

Francisco Borboa was sent to Beijing to learn the Chinese language and calligraphy. Borboa immediately fell in love with Chinese words and thought every stroke was like painting a painting.
However, the civil war in China begin and Borboa and a few other missionaries are forced to evacuate.