Ana remembered that her family was extremely against this proposal and he father threaten with a gun if she were to ever leave for Hong Kong. One day, Ana’s brother told her that he secretly took out the bullets in the gun and that she should leave before her father notices. Ana knew that her father would never really fire the gun at her; so she set out to travel to Hong Kong.

After 3 years, Borboa and Ana finally returned to Taiwan to visit Ana’s family hoping to receive their blessing and understanding. They waited in the living room of Ana’s house for a whole day; and after Ana’s mother went straight to the kitchen after coming home, Borboa walked behind her and simply hugged Ana’s mother and told her that he would take care of Ana. Both of them hugged with tears in their eyes and Borboa finally was accepted into the family.
Even after many years when Ana’s mother has alzheimer, the only person she could recognize was Borboa.

Borboa and Ana decided to settle in Taiwan and thus begin his mural and mosaic glass productions. He has not only created works for churches in Taichung, Changhua, Chiayi, and the Cardinal Tien Hospital in New Taipei City. He created a 9 meters high mural at the New Taipei City Taiwan Catholic Regional Seminary in 2012 and another one in 2015 at the Mother of God Church in Zhong He.

“I’m getting old, so I cannot create large murals anymore; which is why I have moved on to painting.”
The 95 year old Borboa still has a lot of passion for creating artworks with his bare hands. He has completed numerous painting within the 3 years and is getting ready for his first solo exhibition on July 23rd.
Looking closely to Borboa’s painting, you will notice that all the biblical figures are all without any facial features. He mentions that throughout the years the Jesus that da Vinci and Michelangelo and churches all over the world has created are not of the same. Who can exactly say that which is the real face of Jesus? Though the figures in the painting have no facial expression, but you can still feel their emotions within because it is also you who have experienced them. It is a deep reflection upon oneself.

Ana said Borboa and her are “Just like brushes, we are God’s brushes.” They are the artwork of God and once the work is done, the brushes are waiting to be used again. It is not the artist that touches people but the work itself.
The founder of Artrue Gallery commented, ” Borboa’s love to Jesus and people are so precious; you can clearly see it through his works.”

“The older the better,” Borboa blurted out those 4 chinese words. He explained that the lifestyle convenience that Taiwan has to offer has helped them and that everything gets easier when you get older. Though Ana rather believe she has gotten old and rather unpleasing; Borboa says she is just quite the opposite.

“What we do is not heroic or romantic”; an American born Mexican decent was willing to give up the American dream. He currently resides in Taiwan and though he is not a citizen; he still loves this country.
His has traveled to different continents and step into countless countries; though he knows how difficult it was to leave his hometown, but Borboa wont ever leave the country that he loves.